As an authorized partner of Allison Transmission and GHM Transmission we offer both warranty and post-warranty service of transmissions. We run a stationary service, located at our company’s HQ, as well as a mobile service, using fully equipped service vans. Our specialists are thoroughly trained in the entire range of Allison and GHM products, enabling them to quickly diagnose and solve problems that can appear within transmissions. We own most parts in our warehouse, providing a quick service responses.

Service requests please send to:

Our stationary service station is located in the company’s headquarters:

TEZANA Sp. z o.o.
Gen. Kutrzeby 9,
05-082 Stare Babice
Tel. +48 (22) 752-93-22
Tel. +48 600 962 277


Authorized service stations in Poland:

Pałucka 39,
89-200 Kowalewo
Tel.+48 (52) 384-39-41
Tel. + 48 601 566 502

ul.Graniczna 7
41-940 Piekary Slaskie
Tel. +48 32 28727 33