Tezana as a sole representative of FPT Industrial in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia offers a full range of 6 engine types with outputs ranging from 31 – 740 kW. FPT Industrial is a division of CNH Industrial. FPT has been in the business of engine  supply for over a 100 years – under such globally recognized names as Fiat and Iveco. The company core interest lies in design, manufacture and sale engines for: on-road vehicles, construction machines, agricultural machinery, power generators (g-drive) and marine. 


Tezana offers a wide range of transmissions for versatile industrial applications. These are fully automatic and hybrid transmissions of the American brand – Allison Transmision used in the such industries as: automotive, construction, agricultural, mining, and especially military. Manual transmisions manufactured by the FPT concern for use in light industrial vehicles with a torque from 300 to 500 Nm. Eaton manual gearboxes for use in light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Transfer cases from the Austrian manufacturer GHM Transmission for road and off-road vehicles, industrial machines and specialist military vehicles in the range from 500 Nm to 2500 Nm.


TEZANA offers components for industrial applications. Among them, there are FPT Drive and Steefing Axles for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles in the range of 2 – 40 tons.

In addition, we also offer synchronous generators produced by Mecc Alte, which is a global leader in its field and produces two-, four- and six-pole generators with power from 1 kVA to 3000 kVA. Mecc Alte is also offerng specialized alternators: 400 Hz with the power up to 400kVA, variable speed alternatora and generators for renewable applications.


We at Tezana offer and bring to OEMs better Powertrain integrated product solutions. We offer coupled engine/transmission units to provide best performance and economy bringing single order benefits – just one warranty – more competitive pricing… maximum flexibility trough a wider scope of supply.

Comprising: Diesel or Gas Engine, Auto or Manual Transmission, Transfer Case/ Retarder and Radiators, Air Compressors, PTO’s, etc…


We have our own stock of original spare parts available “at the premises” at reasonable prices. It is worth noting that all the spare parts for equipment sold by Tezana meet the highest quality standards. We also offer consumables (eg. Oil and fluids) and a wide range of specialized tools and diagnostic equipment, which are essential in making authorized repairs. Sales of spare parts, materials and tools we conduct either by Tezana’s central warehause, as well as by our dealers, and sending directly to customers.


Tezana provides professional warranties and post-warranty servicing coupled with our own mobile service teams and 8- authorized service stations throughout Poland. We train and authorize new service partners plus providing a 24- hour “call out” service.

We organize technical training for our service partners. We also provide authorization for warranty and post- warranty products offered by Tezana.